Do you know what YOUR customers want?

Understanding your customers is the first step to growing your business. . .get to know them through customer research.

Every great business knows their customers really, really well. They know their potential customers really well too.

The better you know your customers, the more accurately you can meet their wants and needs. It’s a matching process. The closer the match, the more successful your company will be.

Fill the Gap Marketing can help you to find out more about your customers through customer research. For example:

Fill the Gap Marketing will write a questionnaire tailored to your business, and can ask the questions you need answers to.

One great question we always like to ask is “What do you read, watch or listen to?” The reason we ask this is so that any future advertising is placed where your potential customers will see it. If a high percentage of your existing customers all read the local paper, for example, chances are a high percentage of your potential customers will be too.

By doing some customer research you can use your existing customers as a blueprint to find more. Your future marketing communications will not just be a ‘shot in the dark’ – they will be a precise tool used to target potential customers accurately…and you will get better results.

Fill the Gap Marketing will write and create the questionnaire to meet your objectives, carry out the customer research (mostly done in house, but if on a large scale we partner with an approved supplier), analyse the results and present back to you in two formats: a written report and a Powerpoint presentation which explains the report and offers suggestions to help you with your marketing.

Please see an example of a customer survey in our Library.

If you are looking for a different type of customer to your existing base – please have a look at our Marketing Planning page for some ideas and information.

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