Benefits, Tips and Price Guide

Targeted direct mail has the potential to be extremely powerful and effective.


You can target the customers and potential customers you want to talk to with a message specific and relevant to them – which leads to a greater response.

Its cost effective – you only send the mailing to the people you want to target.

Your success can be measured by ensuring you include a specific ‘call to action’.

Direct mail is a great way to keep in touch, develop relationships and build your brand.


Before you decide upon any method of marketing communication (of which direct mail is one), always take the time to find out whether your existing clients read, watch or listen to that type of communication. Ask them what motivated them to buy from you in the first place. Use your existing clients as a blueprint for finding more. Should your customers suggest that they read and respond to direct mail, you can go ahead in confidence and consider the following:-

Set specific objectives at the outset for what you want the mailing to achieve (for example raise the number of enquiries we receive by 20% over the next month).

Your mailing should be personalised and include a covering letter.

The data you use should be clean, up to date and accurate. If you are buying or renting a list – make sure you check how old the list is and how often it is cleaned. Ensure the list has been checked against the relevant suppression files (people who you are not allowed to mail).

The covering letter (as for all marketing material) should focus on the BENEFITS to your client of using your service or buying your product. Put yourself in their shoes – talk about the customer, not just your business. Always remember why you are sending the letter and repeat the ‘call to action’ more than once in order to reinforce what it is you would like the person to do. Ensure whatever it is you are asking the person to do will be beneficial to them. For example :-

‘Please give us a call to find out how we can streamline your invoicing process and leave your staff with more time to work on fee-earning projects’.

Which is much better than :-

‘We are 123 Accountants & Co and we have lots of experience at invoicing’.

If your business is offering a quality product or service, make sure the mailing reflects this – don’t be tempted to send out poor quality mailings – they are likely to end up in the bin and will damage your reputation in the process.

Test your mailing before you send it out in bulk. You should test the data and can also trial different versions to see which gets the best response.

Royal Mail have several processes which make it easier and cheaper when sending mail in bulk – please contact us for further information.


Additional Information

Fill the Gap Marketing is an independent marketing consultancy. We use a number of trusted suppliers to provide you with the most cost effective solutions for data provision and mailing fulfilment.

Our expertise is in assisting you with who to target, how to target them and with what message. We set specific objectives for the mailing, having discussed your goals and then project manage the process for you – leaving you free to get on with your day to day job. We help you to grow your business, profitably.

In this information page we have only been able to touch on a few of the important facts and features of direct mail. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.