linkedin-911794_1280Most people create a LinkedIn profile without knowing what to do with it or how to use it effectively. Many professionals and business owners haven’t even bothered to make use of it, often leaving their profile sad and neglected. Imagine all of those lonely LinkedIn accounts, knowing their burning potential, but unable to reach it!

According to reports, this potential is more than you may realise:

LinkedIn – the potential is endless

LinkedIn hosts an unbelievable community of over 575 million professionals worldwide. Now that’s potential! And with the scope of filters and targeting parameters available for fine-tuning campaigns, you have the ability to create highly targeted content and reach a very specific, targeted audience.

It’s essential that you create a compelling profile and get activated. Utilise its potential to generate more leads and possibilities for your company.

Our number one tip for building a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy has a very humanistic edge. It may sound like a no brainer – but building genuine relationships is KEY. We’re human beings, establishing authentic relationships through meaningful connections is how we work best.

It’s all about trust

People buy from or deal with people they like and have confidence in, which is why building lasting relationships based on genuine interest and trust is crucial. There are numerous ways to start building connections on LinkedIn:

In a nutshell

There are countless ways to refine your LinkedIn strategy. Providing valuable content is crucial, as is consistently sharing content. These elements work wonders for establishing your niche. This notable subject authority significantly builds up the knowing, liking and trust amongst prospects and connections. However, be careful not to get solely caught up in the technicalities – each component of your strategy is equally important, but always strive for authenticity.

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