student-865073_1920A blog is one of the fastest ways to show your clients and customers what you’re about as a company. It becomes a way to express your opinions, showcase your knowledge and improve your search engine optimisation in the process. It seems there really is no downside.

It’s a proven fact that businesses that blog have better marketing results, whether it’s growing your audience or converting sales, a blog is a time investment that is well worth making.

Here are some of the biggest ways that adding a blog to your website can help you to grow your business:

  1. Blogs attract 55% more visitors to websites
    According to HubSpot, companies that blog see 55% more visitors. Regular visits to your website is great for business: it improves your SEO, it converts more visitors and it solidifies your brand in your readers’ minds.
  2. Nurture customers into converts
    Valuable content that speaks to your audience is a great way to show them how useful you are as a company. Customers often research products before making a commitment and choosing a service-company is just as important. Show them that you’re informative and compelling, and that you share the same opinions. It’s key to building a relationship.
  3. Improve your SEO
    SEO is a long term and complex process, but regular, useful content will attract a bigger and regular audience. Search engines such as Google now favour useful content over content that contains keywords, so a blog is the ideal way to meet that SEO demand.
  4. Help your business stand out
    There are many other companies that offer similar services as you. A blog will help to give an insight into your company’s personality and other important qualities that help you stand out as a company. A blog gives readers more of an inside look into your company.
  5. Attract inbound links
    Blog content that is educational and informative attracts links from other online sources. These inbound links are particularly desirable when they come from reputable sources, indicating that your content has authority and is worth directing traffic toward.

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