cloud-143152_1920If you’re going to host an event, ultimately you want it to be a roaring success. So much planning will go into that one day, but the time of year is one of the MOST important aspects of your planning.

Why summer? Well, you’re about to find out…

  1. The obvious one, weather

In the summer, the weather is most likely going to be warmer than any other time of the year (fingers crossed, please England be nice). With warmer weather and the sun shining, it makes everyone in a better mood. Happier visitors mean that they are ultimately more likely to be in a good mood and invest their time and money in your event. Families will have children on school holidays, so if the event is child friendly, you’ve got yourself a lot of potential guests just by holding it in the summer season. However, if your event isn’t child friendly, be wary, as families with children will not be able to attend.

  1. To increase morale of your employees and consumers

Having an event to look forward to in June or July breaks the year up and gives everyone an event to look forward to – especially if it’s announced around January or February. People will be able to put the date in their diaries and have something to look forward to. From an employee perspective, it will get rid of those post-Christmas blues.

  1. Daylight

In summer, the nights are longer, and darkness doesn’t arrive till late at night. This is brilliant for summer events – it gives you more time to play with. You can choose to have a day event, evening event, or even both! Adults can come after work, so more people are likely to show up and generate business interest. It’s mother nature’s invitation to stay out a little later…

  1. Everyone is feeling more sociable

Summer is the time to socialise! People meet long distance friends, visit family and socialise. A summer event is the perfect opportunity for people to do this, so they will be much more likely to pay you a visit. Free events are particularly hard to come by, so if you aren’t charging, you will be a major attraction.

If you’re planning an event, think about holding it in summer. Your visitors will be happier, the sun will (hopefully) be shining, and it will be a radiant success!

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