With over 400 million users, Instagram offers a highly visual way for brands to market their products or services on social media. If you use Instagram (whether that be for business or personal), then it is more than likely that you follow some brands and have seen how they connect with their customers on this photo-based platform. This way of marketing is all about how well a brand can visually show what they have to offer, so the pressure is on for brands (whether that be large corporations or SMEs) to create something that will get their followers double-tapping.

To help to get your Instagram marketing strategy going, we’ve compiled a list of our 3 favourite brands that we believe are doing it right on Instagram:


With 4.8million followers it’s fair to say that ASOS know what they are doing when it comes to Instagram. With updates on the new lines that have been added to their website and what may be happening in their office, ASOS likes to keep their followers in the know at all times. They’ve also built the use of user-generated content into their strategy, giving their customers opportunities to be featured on their page with the ‘#AsSeenOnMe’ hashtag, where you can send a picture in of yourself wearing their products. This is an all-round great Instagram page.

@asos_alicem stepping up her accessory game with some classics 😍🍃 🔎: 560692 & 829548

A photo posted by ASOS (@asos) on


Being one of the biggest global brands in the world, Coca-Cola have a number of Instagram accounts so that they can reach out to all its customers, regardless of which language they speak. Consistency is key in Coca-Cola’s social strategy, with their hashtag ‘#TasteTheFeeling’ being used on each of their Instagram posts since February. This helps keep branded conversations in one digital place. Coca-Cola also make use of Instagram’s video capabilities, sharing lots of short videos on their page. An awareness of the current needs of your customers is also key, and with the UK currently being in its summer months, Coca-Cola’s Instagram page is there to remind its followers that they have the best drink to refresh you in the heat.

En garde! Don’t let anyone take your #Coke. #TasteTheFeeling

A video posted by Coca-Cola (@cocacolaeu) on


Since launching in 2011, Propercorn have used Instagram to connect with current and new customers, increasing awareness of their brand. Propercorn use Instagram to their advantage as the brand is very visual due to the bright colours of their packaging and modern-art-like representations of their flavours. Propercorn share images of their staff trying new flavours, which gives a journey and a human element to the product and brand. Teasing their follows with hints as to what their next flavours will be are also common. This builds anticipation amongst their audience, which acts as a hook. Propercorn have successfully used Instagram to their advantage as this bright and flamboyant channel stands out against other posts in a follower’s newsfeed – drawing them back for more.

All things sweet 👅🍓 decisions, decisions #instituteofflavour #popcorn #create #competition #win #ingredients #flavourdoneproperly

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