Websites. Social Media. Blogging. More and more businesses are using online marketing methods to boost their business.  The key to successful customer attraction?  Content.

Traditional push marketing methods such as buying ads and email leads are being replaced with inbound (content) marketing methods, where quality and creative content pulls people towards businesses and their products/services. Content is king.

Shown in the model below, companies that use content marketing well, follow a process that includes four marketing stages (attract, convert, close, delight) in order to obtain visitors and turn them into customers. The model also shows the tools that businesses can use in order to accomplish these actions.


So…what makes an inbound (content) marketing campaign?

It is about the content. It is about talking to your customers, interacting with them, and delighting them. It is about building a credible brand image, where your audience will know, like and trust you, even before they are at the point of buying from you.  It’s about sharing your knowledge.  Sharing useful, interesting, quality or fun content that your customers and prospects want to read.

Why content is important

Creating content that is designed to appeal to your target market is what keeps them coming back. By publishing the right content, in the right place, at the right time, your marketing is appealing to consumers and not intrusive. For example, when major company such as Tesco’s posted on their social media sites April Fools jokes, it got people talking and engaging with the brand. That is the marketing that people enjoy.

Personalise it

People will go through different stages when they interact with your company, hopefully moving from stranger to customer. You come to know them better and so you need to personalise your message to meet their needs. Each stage requires different marketing actions.

Hello? Is anybody out there?

Make sure that you are on the channel where your audience is likely to be. Inbound marketing is about pulling people towards your brand and so you need to be where your audience is e.g. social media platforms. Just remember that your message needs to differentiate depending on the platform and the audience.  You can re-purpose one piece of content to make it interesting and useful in several different places.

The sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the part

All of above needs to be integrated for full impact. The messages should be aligned with your overall marketing strategy.  It will be less successful if you just tweet the odd tweet or post the occasional blog.

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