Do you want to grow your business but you’re not sure which way to go?

Marketing Planning provides you with a route map to success

Marketing is about customers and profitability.

Most companies would like more customers and more profit. Does this sound like you? If so, it would be wise to do some marketing planning.

Because . . .

The marketing planning process explores what is happening in your business environment, what your customers want, who they are and where to find the most profitable ones. It is about targeting the right customers with the right message. Marketing planning includes examining what your competitors are doing, it assesses how well you are doing . . . it helps to identify future trends or gaps in the market you can take advantage of. Marketing planning asks the questions, and provides the answers that help you to satisfy your customers’ requirements profitably.

We can create practical marketing action plans for your business.

A useful, action-oriented document which can provide you with a route map to success.

Your marketing action plans would be broken down week by week or month by month, detailing marketing communication activities that should be carried out in order to meet specific objectives. The actions we build into the plan are based on the research carried out during the marketing planning process. Your marketing communications will therefore be targeted and measurable. You will get a greater return on your marketing communication investment.

Once the plan is written the choice is yours. We are here to fill the gap. Would you like to implement the plan yourself? Would you like some on-line support during the implementation? Would you like us to manage the whole process for you – your own marketing team without the overheads?

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