Connect with your customers

E-Mail Marketing

We have a database of over 15,000 investment led IFAs across the UK. Our database is constantly being refreshed to ensure that we have the right contact details for the advisers you need to be reaching.

You can reach these advisers through our e-mail marketing service.

Design and Send

Every month we will have a strategic conversation with you to decide on your marketing messages. We will create the e-mails for you and then send them to our database on your behalf.  At the end of each month we will review the reports with you before designing the campaign for the next month. The html e-mails will link to your website and will have your contact details so that all interested prospects will contact you directly

Send Only

If you prefer, you can send us the html e-mail and we will send it out on your behalf to our powerful database. At the end of each month we provide you with a set of reports that detail the number of opens, ‘click through’s, bounces and ‘unsubscribe’s and review the impact of your e-mail marketing.

Please note that sharing of this list is on a very limited basis in order to preserve the strength of the database.

For more information, please call 01522 837232 or email

We also offer a range of Financial Services Events with the aim of connecting financial product providers and fund managers with regional IFAs and Wealth Managers.