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Knowledge Is Power

Welcome to our Marketing Knowledge Bank. Please feel free to have a browse through the marketing resources. Great marketing will help you to grow your business – use this information to give you a head start over your competitors.

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A Great Design Brief Template

If you want to get the results you need from your design agency – give them great instructions!   By downloading our design brief template,  you’ll save yourself time and money AND have a much better chance of getting the results you want, first time. Click here to receive your FREE design brief template straight to your […]

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Copywriting Tips

Words that cut like a knife The pen is mightier than the sword. Great copywriting is at the sharp end. Here’s how to slice up the competition . . . Know your audience. Who exactly are you communicating with? Imagine you are having a conversation with them. Your audience are not interested in you. Sell benefits, not […]

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Direct Mail

Benefits, Tips and Price Guide Targeted direct mail has the potential to be extremely powerful and effective. Benefits You can target the customers and potential customers you want to talk to with a message specific and relevant to them – which leads to a greater response. Its cost effective – you only send the mailing to the […]

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Exhibition Tips

Top 10 Tips to maximise your success at an Exhibition or Show Set measurable objectives at the outset. What do you hope to achieve by doing the exhibition / show? It’s worth (e)mailing customers and prospects to tell them you are at the exhibition / show and to invite them to join you (risk free strategy if […]

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Marketing Plan Summary

Where are we now? The marketing audit and your Situation Analysis In many ways this is the most important part of the marketing planning process. If someone asked you “How do I get to London?” it would be very difficult to answer without first knowing where they are now. Once their current position has been established it is […]

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Press Release Tips

Always put a date on your press release. “What is news? News is the plural of new: If it’s new, it’s news.” – Penny Haywood Find out what your customers and potential customers are reading, watching and listening to – target those titles. Tailor the press release to the publication. Contact the journalist to pitch the story […]

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Words For Websites

On your marks, get set, go! When someone visits your website you only have a moment to let them know that they’ve reached the right place Balance is key. When writing for a website you need to bear in mind that you have two audiences to satisfy at the same time:- The website visitor (your potential […]

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Web Design

In the increasingly competitive world of business, a simple, professional, user-friendly website is vital for showcasing your products and services and making an instant impact on your customers. Fill the Gap Marketing can create a website that helps your business stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking to establish your new business online […]

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Marketing Plan Diagram

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