If you haven’t already noticed yet, there is a new feature on Facebook that allows you to share stories from your phone… just like Snapchat and Instagram. If you use Snapchat and Instagram, you’ll pretty much know how to use Facebook stories, but there are some exciting differences that allow you to interact with your Facebook friends in an exciting and creative way.

What makes ‘Facebook stories’ different?social-network-76532_640

The difference between Facebook and Instagram stories are the filters, you can’t add any filters onto Instagram stories, whereas on Facebook you can. However, Facebook doesn’t allow you to add stickers after a photo or video has been taken. The difference between Snapchat and Facebook’s new story feature is instead of swiping right and left on Snapchat, you now swipe up and down to receive the filters. You also have a lot more filters and effects to choose from compared to Snapchat.

The main features: 

  1. The longest video length yet

It firstly started with Snapchat only allowing you to make video’s 10 seconds long, then Instagram went to 15 seconds, and now Facebook allows 20 seconds. Is 20 seconds too long though? Only being allowed to view something for 10 seconds is exciting and makes you pay attention… could 20 seconds be slightly too long?

  1. Saving my picture 

If you want to keep a picture you have taken with an added filter, you can do this by pressing the arrow in the bottom right hand corner. This will save it to your camera roll for you, and is a great feature if you want to post the same content onto other social media platforms.

  1. Who can see my story?

Just like posting a status, you can decide whether to share a story post publicly, to just your friends or customise it. You can also directly send a story post to just one person. Your story will be available to view for 24 hours and then it will disappear; however, be careful. Unlike Snapchat, Facebook will not notify you if someone takes a screenshot your story.

  1. Who’s viewed my story?

Want to know who has viewed your story? No problem, just like Snapchat and Instagram you can see who has viewed your story by clicking on the icon in the bottom right-hand corner. 

What does this mean for Marketing?

Pictures and videos are allowing social media users to express their thoughts and opinions in a creative way. It all started with Snapchat and is spreading across nearly all platforms of social media. Facebook stories may not be available for corporate content (yet) but as predicted as the start of the 2017, it is clear that video marketing is taking over.

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