Branding is more than just the name of your business, it’s more than a tag line or slogan.

So what is it? Branding is the essence of your business. Your brand is your identity. Your brand is the voice your customer hears when you speak to them.

Who needs a Brand? Everyone, every business of every size must speak to their customers in a language they understand.

Why? A brand will help consumers identify with you, it will clearly establish who you are and what you can offer. A brand will build loyalty and will not only help you to attract new customers but will also retain them. Making a business decision with your brand in mind will result in a better, informed, decision every time. If you are speaking directly to your customers and building trust and better relationships your business will prosper and thrive.

You can’t take care of others until you learn how to take care of yourself.

How? Well, this is the good bit. Brands aren’t an invention – Branding is a development of who you already are. What sets you apart from your competitors and brings your customers in is the identity of your business. Establishing a brand means taking a good, hard look in the mirror. Some things you see will please you, inspire you and drive your business forward. Some things will please you less, things you may not even be aware of, or haven’t realised are affecting you negatively. The great thing about taking time to establish your brand is that it brings these to the surface and you can work on them.
Getting feedback from your customers is the golden key to all these questions. Spending time researching your competitors will help you to see what makes you stand out, do you offer as many services as they do, could you offer more? Do you specialise in something they don’t have on offer? Do your customers VALUE these services, selling ice to an Eskimo leads you nowhere but, offer him an ice pick your business relationship begins. Understanding what your customer needs from you is paramount to building your brand.
It is important to be realistic when establishing your brand. Great customer service starts with being able to deliver a great service again and again. Branding should incorporate some aspiration of course, and it should have room to grow, but you need to be able to execute what you promise again and again from the get go. A great business delivers exactly what it says it will. Your brand will develop with you as you grow, and your customers will come back because they believe in what you promised them and know you will deliver it.

Once your brand is established not only can you write a great tag line for your business…. you can build a website that speaks the right language, create an advert that targets your audience, create engaging content and know where to aim it. It all begins with a brand story.

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