First Impressions can be difficult to reverse. Whatever the nature of your business, getting your first point of contact right is key to giving a strong first impression of your business.handshake-2056023_1920

But where do you start?

  1. Your Website

Does your website have a clear, strong message? Is it easy to navigate? Making your website memorable and engaging is key to giving a great first impression. Make sure you set aside time to add new blogs, update contact information and make sure the information you are adding is fresh and engaging. Managing your website content shows you are centred on your customer and focused on providing them with up to date, relevant information.

  1. On the telephone.

Spend some time thinking about your telephone manner, how are people greeted when they call you? Take the time when you receive a call to really give it your full attention, clients will really appreciate the fact that you are fully listening. If you are the one making the call, make sure you take a moment to prepare first. Load their website onto your screen so any information you may need is readily available. Make a list of important points you want to get across so if conversation goes off on a tangent you still make a productive call. Have a pen and paper to hand so you can make notes. Add a personal touch, follow up your phone call with an email, use your notes, reiterate important points and make your connection memorable.

  1. Work on your social media presence.

Schedule some time to update your status and post regular tweets. Are you spending time following up connections on LinkedIn? Active social media presence promotes your business and helps to get your services noticed, BUT do make sure that the content you are sharing is relevant to your audience and informative. The content you share creates a first impression of your business, sharing content targeted at your audience will make a lasting connection with them. Don’t forget the smaller things, like checking your pinned posts on Facebook, are they still on point? The small things can make the biggest first impression.

  1. Take some time to think about meetings & greetings.

Be in the moment, look people in the eye, speak your name clearly and, if possible, research the person before you meet. Much like on the telephone, make notes beforehand and summarise two or three important points that you want to communicate during the meeting. This will help you to stay professional, on track and will make the meeting productive and therefore memorable. Don’t forget to leave them with a business card, after that fantastic first impression they are bound to want to get in touch.

If we’ve made a great first impression, give us a call or pop in to discuss how we can help you to make one too. 01522 581 911. We make a great coffee!

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