The key to increasing profits in 2017 is to concentrate on the heart of your business – the Customer. More customers lead to more sales, happy customers lead to recommendations, recommendations lead to more sales and more sales lead to more profits.

Sounds simple right? So how do we attract those customers and ensure they remain happy?background-21657_1920

Think back to the last enquiry you had about your products or services. Was it via email, in person, on the telephone? What attracted them to your company? How did they notice you? How did you stand out from your competitors and what drove them make that initial contact? Finding out what attracts customers to your business can help you to make cost effective budgeting decisions that really maximise your profit boosting potential.

The best way to collect this information is simply to ask your current customers. A well produced customer survey can provide an accurate post purchase evaluation of your product and services. It will reveal whether consumers are happy with the products and services they receive and establish exactly what is bringing them back through your door again and again. Are there any additional services you could offer that your customers are sourcing elsewhere? Are they likely to recommend you to family, friends and associates?

Customer retention is paramount to profit boosting as a happy customer will trust in your brand and not only are they likely to buy from you again but will be open to purchasing additional products too!

Knowing your businesses strengths and weaknesses from your customers point of view empowers you to invest in areas of your business that are really appealing (or displeasing) for your customers. This can lead to better business decisions in 2017. Trying to decide whether to invest in a brand new website or whether you need to up your social media presence? A well produced customer survey can be tailored to answer these questions and establish your most effective business solutions to raise profits in 2017.

Make 2017 a year of informed decisions.

Fill The Gap Marketing specialise in creating bespoke customer surveys to help you to gain the best insights into your potential and current customers. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you. 01522 581 911.

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