It was only last month that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg teased us with the possibility of a ‘dislike’ button, but yesterday it was announced that we will soon see ‘Reactions’ on Facebook, a set of emojis that convey emotions such as love, anger and sadness. To begin with these buttons will be introduced in Ireland and Spain, before being rolled out worldwide.Facebook Reaction Buttons

While for Facebook users it provides a new way to convey feelings on this social media platform, for businesses, it is will offer a new way to accurately measure sentiment among your audience. Businesses will be able to see reaction counts within Facebook’s page insights, and determine what type of response they get from their posts – however it is important that as a business you don’t just post content to get a reaction. You need to post things that are going to drive value to your business.

So how will these new reaction buttons help marketers?

At the moment, it is pretty easy for someone to simply click the ‘like’ button.  Adding these emojis means people have taken their time to look at the content and could possibly count as a higher level of engagement.

The data provided by these new emojis will make it easier for marketers to break down exactly what type of posts their target audience are interested in and feed this back into their content marketing strategy.

Some experts have been saying in the past that Facebook as a marketing channel is dying – with these new ‘Reactions’ hopefully joining our newsfeed soon, Facebook may have just upped their game.

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