Well, it is this year that I will be running a marathon.  I can hardly believe it, even when I say it out loud.

From doing virtually no exercise my whole life up until 2 years ago, I am being mad enough to attempt to run the London Marathon on 26th April this year.  “Why?”  “Seriously, why?”,  I do keep asking myself this when I am training in the dark and rain and running up and down, up and down a huge hill, or pounding the pavements at the weekend to get in those really long runs whatever the weather.  It’s those times in particular that I remember the reasons . .

My aim is to raise £2,000 for the British Heart Foundation in memory of my grandfather, grandmother and father in law who all died of heart disease of one kind or another.  But also to help the BHF to do everything they can to fight for every heartbeat.  To save lives.

There is a personal angle too.  Although much of it is agony, running has been amazing for me.  I always said “I can’t”, but this proves to everyone out there that if you put your mind to it . . you can.  I’m not fast. I’m not the fittest, but I am determined.  I won’t let anyone down, even if I have to crawl over the line.  There is definitely a satisfaction that comes from achieving something you never thought you could.

Fitting in training in between managing my business and looking after my family is hard over these dark winter months.  But it’s happening.  I’m doing it.

Please help me to make a difference.  Would you sponsor me please? Visit my Just Giving Page which explains more about where the money goes and how it helps to save lives and donate as much as you can afford.  I am offering a special deal to corporate sponsors (well, I am in marketing!). If your company can sponsor me the very generous amount of £150 I will promote you in all my blogs and on twitter (well over 1,000 followers) and I will put your logo on my running vest – I will be actively courting newspaper coverage to help you get the best value from this.   Simply sponsor me on Just Giving, send me your logo and leave the rest to me. Thank you so much.

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